A Conversation Sprinkled With Stories on How to Build and Manage Elite Engineering Teams.

In this North Fireside Chat, we’ll explore what it means when software development “hums”, what do high-performance teams do differently, and how one transforms chaos into clarity in software development.

We’ll drill down into topics like:

  • What’s the most common dysfunctionality seen in teams today?
  • How can distributed or entirely remote teams best leverage Scrum?
  • What is the state of remote work today?
  • Is celebrating success an important part of management?

Join our free North Fireside Chat to find out answers to these questions, and more!

This North Fireside Chat’s guest speaker will be Ron Lichty.

How do you prepare for working at a big tech company like Twitter? What steps in your career lead up to this sort of job? Join us Thursday, September 24, 2020, at 01:00 PM EDT, for a chat where we’ll explore the topic of cracking the engineering management interview and advancing your tech management career with Mallika Rao, Software Engineering Manager at Twitter.

We’ll drill down into topics like:

  • How Do You Prepare For Working At a Big Tech Company Like Twitter?
  • How Do You Land and Ace an Important Job Interview?
  • What Steps In Your Career Lead To This?

Join us for a special fireside chat on the topic of finding awesome remote job opportunities, even when you live in a small city instead of a big tech hub. We’ll hear tips and tricks on getting started, building confidence, and standing out from the crowd from Golfo V., one of North’s top members!

Golfo is a frontend engineer with 4 years of experience, 3 of which have been spent working remotely for distributed SaaS companies.

Think you need to live in a tech hub to work in tech? Think again. After my one year stay in my hometown became…

Today on the North Sprint Review, we’ll trace the path of a successful career in programming with Ovi N. — a senior mobile and web engineer with a long-lived passion for anything that has a button on it.

Ovi has been developing apps in Objective C since way back, before the days of ARC, when you had to manually deallocate your memory. You can see how Swift would be his new favorite thing nowadays. But he’s not really the “just one platform” kind of guy, so he’s also got Android development under his belt. Oh, and he’s also fluent in…

In this North Sprint Review, we’ll discuss design, inspiration, discipline, and technology with Horia L. — a senior UX/UI Designer with art in his genes and craft on his mind.

Horia had a formal education focused on print design and then switched to building user interfaces early on in his career. He worked and studied for years in Rotterdam, and then moved back to Bucharest to join the team here at Telepat, as one of our core members. …

It’s been a busy couple of months for us here at North. We made some significant changes to the Handbook and our rank-up process, based on learnings from our initial batches. We revamped our activity and benefits structure. We created new sessions like the Code Showcase and the Video Intro, and we’re in the middle of updating our North Profile to reflect all program modifications.

But, most importantly, we’ve just officially onboarded our first 25 members! 🎉

A big thank you to everyone that submitted their 360 profile. Your test results are designed to reveal areas that you can focus…

Today on the North Sprint Review, we’ll explore the connection between math and software development with Roxana C. — a senior frontend JavaScript engineer with deep roots in PHP and Java.

Rox co-wrote a book on MATLAB scripting during college, then started her career as a software developer at the intersection between server-side code and mobile applications. She ran her own company in the IoT space and has since focused on becoming a full-stack JavaScript engineer, currently working remotely as part of the team behind one of the most promising US-based startups in the data automation space. …

Coders aren’t the most sociable people out there. Yes, the old “introverted developer” trope. In the words of researcher Timo Gnambs, “prevalent stereotypes describe software engineers as socially inept introverts that are single-mindedly focused on computers.” But his 2015 research finds that programming skill is not associated with socially undesirable traits — instead, it is associated with positive attributes like openness and conscientiousness. So: is your introversion a super-power you can leverage to benefit your work and your career?

After all, it makes sense: most of us didn’t become programmers because we enjoy working with people; au contraire, we feel…

It’s that time again: today we’re happy to announce that we’re opening five new membership slots for the Telepat North Club, to be filled by the end of this April by extraordinary coders anywhere.

The aim of the North club is to rapidly augment our member’s knowledge, experience, and marketability. We work closely with new members for six months, during which we provide them with career coaching and mentorship sessions, as well as their choice of books, online courses, or services for free. Members also pledge to adhere to an Ethical, Professional, and Personal Code of conduct.

For members that…

Telepat North is an invitation-only club for outstanding, up-and-coming coders from anywhere in the world. Members get access to our Slack community, career coaching, learning resources, and swag! If you’re interested, you can learn more by visiting north.telepat.io.

There you are, hovering your cursor on the link that’s about to drop you into your first call with the new team. It’s your first day at work on a new project, you don’t really know anyone yet, and you’ll need to say hello and introduce yourself.


If you can feel an onset of anxiety at that thought already, rest assured…

Gabi Dobocan

Founder, Coder, Human.

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